Many issues can come into play when we are dealing with yacht transactions. After all, our clients are some of the most discerning individuals in the world. Therefore, it’s a broker’s job to streamline the process of yacht ownership and assist the client in enjoying and maximizing the benefits of their investments. It’s a Broker’s job to save you time and money by helping you avoid costly mistakes. They locate opportunities and deals that may otherwise have been difficult or impossible to obtain without their assistance. A Broker assures that your interests and objectives are represented. Whether you are buying or selling a yacht, having a professional to handle your side of the transaction is always advisable.

First, a Broker needs to get to know you a bit. This helps to understand what motivates you individually. Every situation in this business is different and each client has specific dreams, ideas, and objectives for yacht ownership. It’s a Broker’s job to decipher the best path to obtaining these unique objectives. Buy, sell, build, timeframes, desired use/cruising grounds to name a few important aspects of purchase or sale.